What Do the Creators of Junkyard Joe Think of the Comic?

What Do the Creators of Junkyard Joe Think of the Comic

Junkyard Joe is your cup of tea if you love comics that redefine physics but mimic real-world events. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank released the first issue in late 2022; it already has six issues. It revolves around a titular robotic soldier commissioned in the Vietnam War to fight America’s enemies. Here is what the creators of the comic think of Junkyard Joe and its characters.

A Breakdown of Junkyard Joe

Junkyard Joe was released in October 2022 and centers around a titular robotic soldier. He fights in the Vietnam War for the Americans, ruthlessly killing thousands of enemies. Being a programmed killing machine, Joe never lets his hand down.

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank both noticed the violence in Joe’s character. Surprisingly, most fans of the comic are drawn to the violent robot. Although the story revolves around a robot, it takes orders from a human, giving it more humanity and heart.

The two said Junkyard Joe is among the most human stories either has ever written. Like Junkyard Joe, other writers must understand the significance of giving the character’s life.

Who Is Joe and What’s His Story?

Joe is the comic’s main character and a badass robot. He is the perfect soldier and helps the American platoon to keep guard at night, hunt down enemies and eliminate threats.

According to Geoff Johns, Joe was created to perform any instructions given without questioning. But after too much killing and destruction, the trauma and loss got the best of him. The comic explains Joe’s purpose and how he eventually develops an agency.

Why the Vietnamese War?

You’ll notice that Junkyard Joe’s story starts when serving in the Vietnamese War. Gary Frank explains that this is not a random selection. The creators chose this war because the elements present are experienced globally, from trauma to abandonment. Together with Muddy, they experience the war firsthand, changing them entirely.

What’s the Relationship Between Muddy and Joe?

Muddy and Joe are the main characters in the Junkyard comic. Their relationship starts in the first edition and gradually develops as they serve as soldiers. The two have a very unsure and tension-filled relationship by the sixth issue. Geoff Johns confirms that both characters don’t know their purpose in the world but are better off together.

What Expression Did They Want to Portray with Junkyard Joe?

Geoff Johns and Gary Johns wanted to take readers through the depth of human emotions and how pain and trauma can influence relationships. The two had a solid and intense relationship but became cold from loneliness. You can feel the character’s emotions, which is something to expect when you have a Gary and Geoff collaboration.

Can Reading Junkyard Joe Help Homeless Veterans?

Some of the profits from Junkyard Joe’s sales go to charities for homeless veterans. After releasing the first volume of the comic, Johns and Franks published a limited-edition selling at a relatively higher price. Profits from selling this limited edition are dedicated to supporting charities for veterans.

These groups help veterans secure residence and provide the necessary assistance for those going through fluctuating emotions. Some deal with PTSD and work to replace these emotions with happiness. So get a copy of Junkyard Joe and help a homeless veteran find a home.

Junkyard Joe relates to most veterans and army men, especially since Geoff John’s veteran grandfather was an essential inspiration. The comic shares an action-filled yet heart-warming story of war and how it affects relationships. The creators have nothing but good things to say, especially after the outstanding performance of the issues.

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