Why Independent Living is a Great Option for Active Retirees

Why Independent Living is a Great Option for Active Retirees

Independent living can be a perfect option whether you’re an active retiree or looking to ease the burden of home maintenance. Independent living communities offer various perks to simplify life, including exercise classes, onsite fitness centers, and beauty salons. Some also feature game and theater rooms, bars, tennis courts, and pools.

Freedom from Homeownership Responsibilities

Being a homeowner is a coveted luxury for many retirees, but owning your home can be a drag. First, you must worry about making your mortgage payments on time and maintaining your property to a tee. Not to mention the added cost of utilities and home improvement projects. Luckily, there is an alternative to owning a home: independent living. Unlike other forms of residential housing, active seniors can enlist the services of a team of caring and competent individuals to handle the bulk of the work. 


In today’s world, it can be difficult for seniors to meet new people, find meaningful connections, and stay socially active. Many factors contribute to this – including location and potential complications like mobility issues or chronic illness. Independent living communities can help. They often offer social programs like themed social events and discussion groups.

They may also host meals with friends or encourage interest-based social clubs, such as book clubs or gardening clubs. The socialization opportunities with communities like independent living Wichita Kansas, can improve mental health, reduce the risk of depression and dementia, strengthen the immune system, and promote physical activity. Lonely seniors have increased risks of heart disease, infectious illness, anxiety, and depression. 

Health & Wellness

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a retirement community is how it will promote health and wellness. As medical advances continue to help people live longer and healthier lives, senior communities focus on providing wellness programs that promote physical fitness, mental well-being, social connection, and spirituality. Active seniors have fewer health issues than inactive ones, and studies show that staying active reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. Independent living communities provide many opportunities to engage in healthy activities like exercise classes, group games, and various outdoor and indoor events.

Money Savings

Independent living communities are an excellent choice for active retirees, who can save money and time compared to housing and lifestyle expenses. This can be achieved by avoiding home maintenance and repair costs, utilizing scheduled transportation services, and eliminating reliance on a vehicle. Another critical way to save on living expenses is to sell your current home and move into a new place that is more affordable for your budget. In addition, a part-time job can help you save money on housing and living expenses. A supplementary income source like this can be helpful in many situations, including transitioning into an assisted living community. The funds from these jobs can also be used to pay for health care expenses when needed.

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